The National Hockey Foundation Funding is open for applications

Posted: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 16:35

The National Hockey Foundation Funding is open for applications


The Foundation aims to encourage the development and growth of hockey by providing capital and operational funding to the sport through clubs and educational establishments in England and by support to England Hockey's youth development activities. The Foundation hopes to be able to give financial support to the development of sport particularly at youth level for hockey and in the Milton Keynes area.

Current Status

Open for Applications

Maximum value:

£ 75,000

Objectives of Fund

The Foundation primarily makes grants to a wide range of organisations that meet one of the Foundation's chosen areas of focus as follows:

  • Young people and hockey.
  • Young people and sport in Milton Keynes.
  • Enabling the development of hockey at youth or community level.
  • Smaller Charities.

Value Notes

There is no limit on the amount of funding an organisation can request. However, the Foundation does not generally award grants for less than £10,000 or more than £75,000.

In appropriate circumstances the Trustees may consider offering a loan to support particular projects.

Grants can be awarded for medium to long-term projects (over one year) or for shorter term one-off projects. A maximum limit of three years of support can be provided, either an instalment grant or three separate applications.

Match Funding Restrictions

Grants are not usually awarded for more than 50% of the project cost.

Who Can Apply

Grants can be awarded to clubs, limited companies, registered charities and other bodies in England. Other bodies can include not-for-profit organisations, schools, colleges and universities as long as the application completely meets the aims of the foundation.

Applications that are supported by England Hockey are favoured.

The Trustees would like all applications to specifically identify the part of the scheme project costs which solely support the development of young people.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • General donations. The Grant has to be related to a specific project.
  • Day-to-day administrative running costs.
  • Individuals.
  • Solely supporting elite athletes.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Sponsoring an award.
  • Projects outside of England.
  • Projects that do not provide a lasting benefit or are not sustainable.
  • Projects where the Trust's input will not make an impact.
  • Applications where the primary funding is to support the payment of salaries.

Eligible Expenditure

The following are eligible for funding :

  • Organisations working with young people (approximately defined as individuals under 21 years old).
  • Medium to long-term projects (ie over one year) or for shorter-term one-off projects. A maximum limit of three years of support can be provided (either an instalment grant or three separate applications).
  • Specific projects and not for general donations.
  • Refurbishment costs eg equipment purchase, and for a new construction.
  • Training/retraining, educational equipment, activity- based learning, sports equipment, transport and occasionally costs of project staff. If requesting salary funding, applicants should submit a job description for the post.
  • Part of the cost of a project.

In appropriate circumstances, the Trustees may consider offering a loan to support particular projects.

How To Apply

Applications can be made at any time and grants are generally awarded quarterly.

Application forms are available to download from the Foundation's website.

In addition to the application form, applicants may provide additional supporting information that is relevant to the application.

Applicants that are unsure as to whether a grant application will meet the requirements may ask the Trustees by completing the Grant Indication Form. This will allow the Foundation to provide applicants with an indication about the suitability of an application without initially having to complete the full Application Form. Such an indication will not be binding upon the Trustees.

Grant applications for capital projects such as building or pitch work require additional supporting information before the application can be considered. These include the following

  • Details and terms of interest in land ie freehold or lease term and conditions.
  • Details of the proposed mechanism to ensure that community sporting use is available and maintained.
  • Position concerning the status of Planning application and building control.
  • Detailed project costings and procurement details (ie external contract or self build).
  • Does the application fit into the National Governing Body's facility plan and if so how?
  • How the application fits into the local authority strategic sports plan?
  • Financial plans covering the future operational costs of the development and if appropriate how funds will be generated to cover items such as pitch replacement.
  • How will the project impact on local youth development policies?
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) must be realistic and measurable.

Contact information

For all enquiries contact:

  • Enquiries
    The National Hockey Foundation
    19a The Avenue
    NN5 7AJ


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