It's a Crazy World at the Moment

Posted: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 13:41

It's a Crazy World at the Moment

That was the opening line from our Director, Lloyd Conaway at today's County Networking Day. 'And right at the middle of this crazy world,' said Lloyd, 'is sport'.

Lloyd went on to illustrate how far our country has come in sport. We're now among the top three nations in the world in gymnastics, our women's hockey team are world champions and we have 12 world boxing champions.

In fact, Lloyd explained, if you put all our sporting excellence into a computer, the UK comes out top in the world, across all sports.

All the indications, Lloyd explained, are that the current consultation on our national sports strategy will be that this will be about sport for good, for health and wellbeing,for economic development, community cohesion and to aid education. In fact Lloyd predicted that there will be a real drive around community sport, which is exciting for us and all of our community partners.

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