Luton Sports Network

Who we are:

The Luton Sports Network is a voluntary body, operating under Active Luton, and has been representing sport in Luton for over 30 years. The group, made up of a wide range of representative of the sporting community across the borough, meet approx. 4 times a year to discuss and contribute to a variety of local sporting outcomes from Luton's Strategic Vision for Sport and Physical Activity.

The main action points of the network are:

  1. To manage a large grants scheme, to support local athletes performing at an elite level, and a small grants scheme to support individuals, sports clubs and organisations resident and competing in Luton for the development of amateur sport.

  2. Host Luton's Annual Sports Awards which provide a fantastic opportunity to recognise and reward talented local sportsmen and sportswomen, coaches, volunteers, teams and clubs for their outstanding achievements in sport over the previous 12 months. Corporate sponsorship is always needed!

  3. Greater engagement with local sports clubs and be a more active part of the Luton Sport Community. Membership is open to all sports clubs and other interested organisations and individuals within the borough that use sport and physical activity to promote health, lifelong learning and community cohesion. Please email if you would like more information on becoming a member or wish to apply to join our board.

Grant Schemes

NEXT DEADLINE: 31st May 2019




The scheme is open to both able-bodied and disabled athletes. Priority will go to those taking part in Great Britain or their home country in international competition at World, Olympic, Commonwealth or European level and including of course the Paralympic equivalent competitions. Some of these people will already be on a development pathway. We also recognise that some are on the cusp of making that breakthrough and so we hope with a little extra support from us, this could make the difference.

The scheme will support any athlete who lives in the Borough of Luton. If an applicant studies or trains outside of the Borough they can still apply, provided their family home is here. Applicants who may be studying at a College or the University of Bedfordshire will not be eligible unless they also have a family home within Luton. The Major Grants

Sporting Inspiration Award panel will meet at least once a year to assess applications. All applicants will be advised of these dates.

All recipients must be willing to attend an annual celebratory event and all athletes competing at a national level or above must be willing to attend at least one community event within a 12 month period following the receipt of a grant. All grant recipients will also be expected to agree to provide short regular reports to contribute to mid-year press releases including details of their performance and how the grant has been spent in accordance with the information provided prior to the award.

Grant awards:

Athletes will be awarded a grant of up to £500.

All future applicants must be competing at a representative level of Regional, National or World class to be considered for a grant.

If you are unsure about eligibility, please contact us in writing via or email



Applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Be an individual who resides within Luton Borough Council boundaries, or plays / coaches regularly within a Luton club. Ideally both.

  2. Be a sports club / organisation that is Luton based and has their home venue within the borough boundaries.

  3. Any sport that is recognised by Sport England. If your sport is not recognised, you may be eligible to apply for support under a new Community Active Network – Small Grants.


Grants shall not be available to:

  • Meet the costs of "routine sport" e.g. personal kit or equipment, membership / affiliation fees etc for individuals or clubs.
  • Professional sports people i.e. those earning a living through sport [but not coaches or officials that develop others or facilitate amateur sporting events.]
  • Funding for organisations and purposes for which statutory funding is provided such as schools and similar educational establishments.
  • Applications for expenses or costs that have already been incurred.

Grant Application Funding Rounds

In order to better respond to the needs of the applicants, there will be four funding rounds. The Sports Network has limited funds available to distribute, and wishes to support as many individuals, sports clubs and organisations as possible. To help do this we are limiting grants to a maximum of £250 to be awarded via competitive rounds that are held three times each year – February, July and December.

All applications received will be scored using the criteria outlined below. This will be used to rank applications and determine awards in the event the number of qualifying applications exceed the funding available in each round. The top scoring grants will receive funding.

If an application is unsuccessful, there is no limit on how many times you can re-apply to receive funding, subject to eligibility. In addition, applicants will also receive advice and support on other sources of funding available.

Please note that in circumstances where an applicant may be able to apply elsewhere, we reserve the right to defer a decision until the outcome of the other application is known.

Making An Application

When applying for a grant, you can do so either as an individual or as a sports club / organisation. Applications can be made under one or more of the following categories:

* Events, e.g.: Ideally towards the cost of trophies but may include sponsorship of the event.

Coaching or Volunteering, e.g.: completing a coaching course or development and support of volunteers such as training, DBS clearances.

* Performance, e.g.: Attending a competition

We wish to remind applicants to complete the application form HERE (link). All sections are required. The more detail you provide us, in particular with regards to the impact the grant will have to you and / or your sports club / organisation, the more likely it will be that your application will be successful.

The on-line application can be saved while you complete it. You can also upload supporting documentation to the website, such as copies of certificates or evidence of match funding. Once you have completed the application and submit it, the system automatically generates a unique reference number for you and sends you a confirmation e-mail. Your application is then automatically sent to the LSN Grants Secretary to review ahead of the next funding round.

Following the funding round, applicants are informed on whether or not their application has been successful. The LSN Grants Secretary will contact applicants to confirm how much funding they will receive and the process of drawing down the money.


The following limits will apply to applications:

  • Maximum of £500 per club / individual per application round and not exceeding £500 in any one year. This can be a combination of applications across categories. Funding per category is up to:

    - Events: £250

    - Volunteers: £150

    - Coaching: £150 towards cost of a Level 1 course

    - £250 towards cost of a Level 2 or above

    - Performance: £100 for a National Competition

    - £250 for an International Competition


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