This Girl Can 'ENCOURAGE' Others to Run London Marathon too!

Posted: Thu, 04 May 2017 12:43 by Miss Michelle Morris

This Girl Can 'ENCOURAGE' Others to Run London Marathon too!

Where to start … What a day, What a weekend, What an experience! Steve and I collected our numbers from the Expo Friday afternoon, enjoying the atmosphere and of course buying some of the London marathon kit. Following on with a slap up meal at a lovely Italian restaurant not far from the Excel.

Saturday was a strange one, we didn't have much to do apart from wait for the inevitable next day. We decided on a light jog around the Primrose Hill Park to loosen up our legs as it was such a beautiful morning whilst giving us an opportunity to build up a large appetite for breakfast. Taking a stroll after breakfast at a nearby market to look around and relax our only purchase happen to be an amazing savoury crepe .. food and carbs was definitely on our minds haha. Lunch was ate at the top of Primrose Hill looking out at the London Skyline with thoughts that this time the next day we will be running through these streets. Heading back to the hotel for a relaxed afternoon we found distraction by watching the football before a lovely meal at the hotel restaurant. Everything ready we managed to get to bed at a reasonable time and surprisingly slept well.

So the day had finally arrived..The London Marathon 2017! I still feel nervous thinking about it now! All those months of training, eating well, blood, sweat and tears for this day. Leaving the hotel at 7.30 we made our way across London to Blackheath where the different starting areas were. The starting areas are made up of Red, Blue and Green. I was in the Red Start as I had a charity place, Steve had gained a place in the Good for Age category. It was daunting leaving him but I knew I had to get myself prepared. Arriving at the start area I carried out my usual rituals, leaving my bag at the lorry I headed to pen 3.

The sun was shining, the music was playing and everyone was buzzing with excitement mixed with little apprehension. The atmosphere was fantastic and I felt honoured to be a part of this. Lining up in my pen and feeling a little like a sardine it was only a short distance and we were through the start line. Starting my watch I was off, everything felt great. Before no time I hit mile 3 and from out of nowhere got the dreaded stitch...I managed to run through this this but could see my mile times slightly dropping under my target pace. Finally the stitch went only to be struck again at mile 10. I just couldn't believe it! I reached half way with my time slightly over what I had originally planned unfortunately, I hadn't had the best start but wasn't going to let this get me down. The support on the course was phenomenal - so many people shouting your name I was amazed by not just the amount of people but also the sites of London to take in on route.

I was lucky to have the support of my mum & dad at mile 15 and my brother with his girlfriend appearing at mile 13.5 and mile 23 - they were all brilliant and just what I needed at those points. I also felt privileged to see the some of the Royal family both at mile 6 and 22. Remaining positive and mentally strong throughout I didn't hit the dreaded wall but I did slow during the last 6 miles. My dream time was gone so my aim now was just to see how far I could go under 4 hours as I knew I was in good shape. Having reached the London Eye and knowing this was about the 25 mile mark trying to contain my excitement was a struggle as I knew I didn't have long left and the finish was in sight...The clock was ticking ahead of me and I had to dig deep. I crossed the line in at 3 hours 57 minutes but knew taking off the approx 5 minutes to cross the start line this was well beneath the 4 hours I had wanted.

OFFICIAL TIME: 3 hours 53 minutes 15 seconds - 25 minutes quicker than the first time I completed London Marathon in 2013. I was over the moon to achieve sub 4 hours at London Marathon and also so proud of Steve who clocked sub 3 hours. A huge personal achievement for both of us … What an experience!

We celebrated with my mum and dad in Covent Garden with cocktails and lovely food. It was such an amazing weekend and over £700 was raised for the local charity, ENCOURAGE.

I just would like to thank everyone; friends, family, colleagues and the running club for all their support, advice, guidance and sponsorship over the last few months.

My Justgiving Page is still open if anyone would like to sponsor;


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