It is nearly time.......4 days to go!

Posted: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:57 by Miss Michelle Morris

It is nearly time.......4 days to go!

As a sit here pondering at the thought of running 26.2 miles I told myself on Sunday whilst I was completing my last long-ish run around Stewartby Lake and Marston Vale that now was the time to be confident, be sensible and relax. However, with just 4 days to go I am feeling anything but the above. We have planned to pick up our numbers from the Marathon Expo on Friday evening being slightly disappointed that I missed Prince Harry opening it today (Wednesday). I have 2 more runs left between now and Sunday; an easy 3 miler on Thursday night and a very easy 1 mile on Saturday to stretch the legs and make room for lots of nice food and drink at breakfast.

Taper has been interesting and somewhat a challenging 2 weeks. I saw a post on Instagram that just about summed up taper for me so far; "WARNING - Tapering Marathoner; likely to become spontaneously moody, germaphobic and fully irrational with an innate ability to lose all focus. Weather forecast obsession and self-doubt may occur. Frequent episodes of extreme restlessness, anxiety and excitement are common." An alcohol ban, tired, sluggish, mood swings and hungry all the time I can see the attraction...not! Although I have been told that only 1% of the UK population have run a marathon so that makes us pretty special. I will let you decide.

I know most people have better things to be doing on a Sunday morning but if anyone would like to track my progress my running number is 34998. I am just keeping everything crossed that I can write an update where I have achieved my goal and made everyone proud...until next week!

If anyone would still like to sponsor me the link for my Justgiving page is as follows;

Thank you and good luck to everyone else running on Sunday :)

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