How to Become a Female Sports Role Model?

Posted: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 09:30 by Miss Michelle Morris

How to Become a Female Sports Role Model?

team BEDS&LUTON in partnership with Active Luton recently organised a Female Only National Pool Lifeguard Qualification course at Inspire Sports Village in Luton to help train women to be deployed into the local community as lifeguards. This course was part of the Women and Coaching Project and tailored to the needs of the BAME females attending. Sixteen brave women from Luton put their names forward and signed up for this intensive 3 month female only coaching programme. One of the females; Noreen Iqbal successfully completed this and has now been deployed into an Active Luton Sports Centre. She tells us about her journey and the reasons for wanting to obtain this sports coaching qualification;

1. What made you choose to do the NPLQ course in Luton?

It was local, easy to get to and free, so cost and transport were not an issue.

2. How has this female only qualification had an impact on you and your life?

An ongoing back problem prior to the start of the course meant that Noreen was unable to work for 3 months due to not being able to walk, stand or sit as a result of constant pain. When Noreen started the course she avoided the rescue lifts but now she is able to do these. The back injury has since got much better and Noreen is able to start working again, and walk and swim without any pain.

3. Did you enjoy the NPLQ Course? If so what did you enjoy most about it?

Noreen enjoyed the course very much and it has helped her in so many ways. For instance personally when she had her back pain and put on a lot of weight she didn't leave the house so the qualification gave her a goal to focus on and help to gain her confidence back. Also a lot was gained socially and long lasting friendships have been created. The girls also went out for dinner to celebrate completing the course and are still in touch now.

4. Would you recommend the course to others?

Yes definitely – there are a number of ladies only swimming sessions that have been cancelled due to no female lifeguards being available so it is a must for the local community in Luton.

5. How are you planning to use your new qualification?

Noreen has already started to help at local youth groups in Luton with their swimming sessions and has recently been offered a job at Lewsey Sports Centre as a casual lifeguard with the view to eventually move into a management role. Noreen has also recently started the Female Only ASA Helpers Course (swimming) and registered for the Badminton and Netball Leadership courses.

Has Noreen's story inspired you to get involved and train to be an activator, leader or coach? Well if so get in touch with the Coaching Development Manager for Bedfordshire at team BEDS&LUTON; Michelle Morris to discuss the women and coaching project.

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