Top 5 Tips for a Female Sports Coach

Posted: Wed, 03 Aug 2016 16:05 by Miss Michelle Morris

Top 5 Tips for a Female Sports Coach

As a female coaching is probably not a role you would have ever considered or thought you would be good at. Well you are wrong as anyone can coach not just males. You carry out coaching on a daily basis with the mentoring and support you provide work colleagues, friends and family as a female.

Why should you consider becoming a coach, leader or role model in your community?

1. It is social and fun

Meet lots of new people and make more friends. It provides an opportunity to network and open new doors. You never know where it may lead and who you might meet.

2. It is rewarding

Watch a child, young person or adult grow in the sport you are coaching and see how they develop and improve. It doesn't only impact them within the sport but it will help them personally as an individual at work, home or school. It also helps you develop as coach.

3. It is improving the life of not only yourself but the others you coach

There are numerous health benefits of exercise, so it is not only the participants that benefit when you coach. Recently research has been published surrounding the health implications of sitting at a desk for copious amounts of time (8hrs a day). It has now been suggested to combat this an individual would need to carry out 60 minutes worth of exercise per day to combat these health issues. Why not do something different and coach.

4. It can fit around your lifestyle

Choose the hours to suit you especially if you have family commitments. This is a flexible role and can be done at any time. Be your own boss!

5. Stand out from the crowd and break the norm and show the males how it is done

Currently only 31% are female coaches. Let's see if we can change this and create more female role models. Let us know what would make you start coaching?

Now take the first step into becoming a coach, leader or role model and check out the Women and Coaching Project available or alternatively contact Michelle Morris, Coaching Development Manager, .

Do something inspiring today and change someone's life! You might even end up coaching the next Jess Ennis-Hill, Usain Bolt or Mo Farah in time for the #Olympics in 2020.

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